Farrowing-Lead III- Penn Valley

At Country View Family Farms, we are a family owned company with relationships throughout the state of Pennsylvania and its neighboring states. We pride ourselves in raising healthy pigs to make quality pork for our families and yours. Spend some time on our site getting to know our company and how we provide safe, wholesome food for our friends and neighbors every day.
Country View Family Farms a subsidiary of Clemens Food Group.
Production Management- 40% of the time
Responsible for counting inventory Oversee wean pig quality
Fall behind management Management of nurse-ons and nurse-offs
Oversee pig placements at birth
Selection of cull sows at weaning
Oversee that processes are completed (tail length, castration, gruel pans, ruptures)
Ensure proper ventilation
Oversee room set-up and initial inspections
Oversee crate management
Oversee daily walkthroughs
Oversee treatment of scours
Oversee sow and piglet treatment
Management of proper euthanization (sows and piglets)
Ensure all sows have proper feed and water
Managing wean age Assist the manager with supply orders
Assigning heat lamp management
Management of Day 1 care
Ensuring vaccinations of sows and piglets are completed
Oversee management of piglet and sow in
Marketing Solutions programs
Ensure that scours are being collected for breeding (feed back)
Management of pits in farrowing
Ensuring cleanliness of tools and housing
Ensuring all policies and procedures are being followed
Completing daily checks on security and alarm systems
Audit/spot-check daily checklist is being followed
Identifying open sows
Identifying problem pigs
Follow and ensure biosecurity process is being followed
Follow and ensure animal handling and welfare policies are followed Ensuring PPE is in good condition and available
Responsible for general maintenance of farrowing house
Responsible for pest control Understand how to operate and trouble shoot feed systems, ventilation systems
Ensure that sows are properly identified
Oversee C-sections as needed
Ensure withdrawal times are adhered to
Responsible for farrowing card management
Responsible for flagging problem sows
Responsible for forward fostering of piglets
Responsible for scoring sow condition upon exit and entrance to farrowing
Oversee mortality removal and composting
Oversee Dynamate use and ordering Manage farm on weekend rotation
Responsible for response to emergency alarms and situations
Administration & Planning- 20% of the time
Responsible for writing up wean paperwork
Oversee all farrowing record keeping is completed in a timely manner
Oversee Pig Knows corrections
Evaluating, understanding and running Pig Knows reports
Manage action lists Fill in for manager as needed (Kronos, Feed ordering, daily and weekly EMS, etc.)
Responsible for completing any accident reports in manager's absence
Manage ADKAR plans Establish KPIs and Rocks for area responsibilities
Manage expiration dates on meds and supplies
Manage wean projections
Managing the flow of the farrowing house
Ensuring every group is farrowing on time
Responsible for knowing farm targets
Cross train in other areas and responsibilities of the farm
Communication - 20% of the time
Lead daily safety huddles Assigning daily tasks to team members
Coordinate and oversee weekly farrowing team meetings
Communicate to the manager any people or health concerns
Communicate with internal and external customers
Communicate and ensure compliance of policy changes to team members
Communicate new information to team members
Talent Management- 10% of the time
Complete annual team member evaluations
Participate in prospective team member interviews
Oversee completion of daily tasks and team member time management
Assist with conflict resolution
Managing PTO and Earned days for direct reports
Ensuring team members are wearing proper PPE
Hold team members accountable
Develop personal plans and set goals for team members
Overseeing schedules and overtime for direct reports
Manage Day 1 specialist schedule
Oversee processing training
Oversee training of new team members Training of team members in Level 1 and Level 2 certification
Team CVFF- 5% of the time
Respond to phone calls and emails in a timely manner (24 hours)
Assist HR as needed with changes to
Panel List Foster community relations with neighbors around farm
Effectively utilize community giving budget
Communicate CVFF vision and mission
Create with Sow Service Manager and communicate farm mission
Model corporate culture and core values Initiate farm celebrations
POSITION QUALIFICATIONS: ??? Associate's degree (A.A.) or equivalent from two-year college or a degree from an accredited technical school; or a minimum of five years related experiences and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience ??? Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions ??? Must understand that the Company is a producer of high quality pork and be supportive of the mission of raising swine for meat. ??? Must be willing to learn and perform the responsibilities described within CVFF???s process manual. ??? Must be able to work in a stressful environment. ??? Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds
Start time may vary

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