Swine Technician - Penn Valley Farm

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Country View Family Farms a subsidiary of Clemens Food Group.
A Swine Farm technician provides care for the sows and piglet on a sow farm.
Daily monitors and evaluates sow health and condition.Maintain accurate records and submit them in a timely manner to the supervisor.Ensure that the farm's work environment is safe by using safety equipment and following safety protocols.Monitor and report thermal environment for animals.Perform routine maintenance and pressure washing as needed.Following approved SOP guidelines, feed and water daily.Assist in moving sows, boars and piglets as directed by Supervisor.Follow animal welfare policies and procedures including: providing a physical environment that meets the animals needs; provide access to adequate water and high-quality feed; provide humane treatment of the animals; provide identification and appropriate treatment of the animals in need of health care; and follow the guidelines for euthanasia.
Position responsibilities for a Farm Technician working in the breeding department also include, but are not limited to:
Assist in the processes of heat checking, artificial breeding, and monitoring of sow pregnancy status, following established protocols for CVFF.
Assist the farrowing department when needed following farrowing job description guidelines.
Position responsibilities for a Farm Technician working in the farrowing department include, but are not limited to:
Record deaths and births daily on sow cards provided and submit them in a timely manner.
Process litters daily. Processing includes but not limited to castration, iron shots, and tail docking.
Assist sows when having farrowing difficulties. Medicate sows when needed -- following predetermined protocol.
Aid in breeding and gestation department when needed following breeding and gestation job description guidelines.
No experience necessary.
High school diploma or general education degree (GED) preferred or equivalent combination of education and experience.
Must be willing to learn to understand animal behaviors.
Must be able to tolerate and willing to learn and perform the following tasks: euthanasia, artificial insemination, vaccinations, piglet processing, ear tagging, tattooing, pressure washing other procedures normal to animal husbandry.
Must be able to tolerate blood, animal dander, manure, dust, odors, and frequently noisy conditions.
This position requires one who is multi-task oriented and a team player.
Ability to read, write and speak simple sentences in English.
Ability to define problems collects data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions.
Must understand that the Company is a producer of high quality pork and be supportive of the mission of raising swine for meat.
Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.
Must be available full time Monday to Friday, with some weekend and holidays work will be required.
Start times may vary based on day of the week.

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